how to know the wildflowers

March - June 2019

Press Release

“-Tongues in tress, books in the running brooks, sermons in stones, and good in everything” – Mrs. William Starr Dana, How to Know the Wildflowers.


Wall Frame Affairs and Curator Rachel Chaldu are pleased to present a solo show by Brooklyn-based artist Annie Bartholomew, entitled how to know the wildflowers. Bartholomew explores intersections between self, others, and the natural environment through walking, gathering, categorizing, and displaying natural elements in a fine art context. She creates small sculptures that organize selected plants. Some of the artist’s display cases are rigid and confining compared to the organic material they hold. Others are created from materials like cloth, which tie more directly to their natural beginnings. Collecting ephemera acts as a method of preservation of memory and nostalgia. Suspended in time, they record the natural world and our personal relationship to it. They are a representation of our place in man-made environments, taken out of nature and put on display.  We reflect ourselves back onto nature.

On view alongside these collected ephemera are barnacle like sculptures woven together as a metaphor for the attachments we experience in our daily lives. These attachments can be found in our relationships, or to our ideas. They can be positive or unhealthy, but all speak to our need to surround ourselves with shelter—a constructed, familiar, protective environment. Like coral reefs that depend on the ecosystem of the entire ocean, or like a bird building a nest, we condense vast unknown origins from the natural world into the building of our lives.

About the Artist

Annie Bartholomew is a visual artist who primarily creates sculptures and installations. her current work uses the process of collecting to explore the relationships between ephemera and memory, how they inform and shape each other, and change over time. she is also interested in reconfiguring our understanding of our relationship to the environment and to each other, to ourselves to create more empathetic connections. she has previously exhibited at the Saratoga Arts Center in Saratoga Springs, NY, Ghost Gallery in Brooklyn, NY; the Holland Project in Reno, NV; Collar Works in Troy, NY and has an upcoming show at Gymnasium in Brooklyn, NY. she has also completed residencies at the Elizabeth Murray Artist Residency and Vermont Studio Center. she lives and works in New York City.